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This page of our website is designed to help home shoppers get the education and advice that they need when purchasing a home in St George or anywhere else in Southern Utah.

How To Purchase Your Dream Home in Southern Utah

In this video, we walk you through a step by step process of a typical home purchase scenario from a realtor and lender perspective. This entire video is shot at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT in order to share these amazing views of Southern Utah with all of our viewers. We are trying to educate as many people as possible on what it takes in order to become a homeowner, in a format that doesn’t bore you to death. Parts of this video were shot using a drone so that you can truly experience how amazing this area really is.

Questions that you should ask when buying a home

Our goal is to answer as many questions that Southern Utah home buyers and sellers may have in the process of working with lenders, realtors and all the vendors that are involved in a typical real estate transaction. We understand that talking had videos, shot in a poor lit office in front of a whiteboard with terrible audio captured from across the room are a bit tough to watch… We hate them too! So here is our attempt to bring you a video that covers some of the most commonly forgotten questions that lenders get asked on daily basis, or some of the questions that people really wanted to ask but were afraid to ask.

Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement

In this video, I explain Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agency form, buyer broker agency relationship and why this form is a vital part of any real estate transaction. I will cover all the benefits of signing a buyer's broker agency agreement, discuss all pages and bullet points of the document. Talk about the reasons why a real estate agent in Utah would as you to sign a buyer broker agency agreement and why it's time sensitive. I will discuss buyer agent's fiduciary duty to the client and what that means. And much more...

Everything You Need to know about the Real Estate Purchase Contract - REPC

Are you Mortgage Ready?

Looking to buy a first home? Thinking about upgrading or purchasing a second home? In this interview, Scott Stout with guild Mortgage tells us what it takes to be Mortgage ready, he also covers some of the basic DOs and Don'ts prior to and during the process.

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